In the past, heating a home with oil fuel was a normal occurrence. Over time, home and business stop using oil fuel to make way for natural gas. Do you know what happened to the oil fuel tank? Is the tank still buried underground on your property?

An old buried oil tank on your property may create a liability for you and the surrounding environment. An undisclosed oil tank may not be properly secured. Sealing off the connection, the tank may still contain oil. Eliminating the risk of potential leakage, finding reputable Maryland oil tank removal experts is crucial.

Leading the area with high-quality service, Next Day Demolition provides efficient Maryland oil tank removal. Approaching every job site with professional, we understand each oil tank removal process is different. Oil tanks may be empty, leaking, damaged, full of oil, or retains other forms of structural issues. Removing hundreds of tanks has given our team a wide range of experience to handle all sizes and shapes of oil tanks.

Our High-Quality Oil Tank Removal Services

Our team will carefully inspect your oil tank for the best type of removal option. By taking the time to analyze your personal situation, our team gains insight on the type of tools and equipment needed to safely remove the tank.

Soil Testing

Our tank removal experts test the area to determine if the oil tank is leaking. A leaky tank requires a precautionary approach. Contaminants in the soil require further remediation.

Permits and Zoning

After the initial inspection process, our squad will obtain the proper local permits for removing an oil tank. Guaranteeing a proper removal process, we research all the local zoning ordinances and regulations. If necessary, our team contacts local utility services to ensure the location of underground wires. We want to provide the safest work environment for our employees, you, your loved ones and your property.

Maryland Oil Tank Removal Process

Using the latest equipment and techniques, the Next Day Demolition team carefully removes the oil tank from your property. Our experience allows us to remove the tank without damage. We understand piercing the side of the tank may create unsafe conditions. After the Maryland oil tank removal process is complete, we fill in the empty space with gravel and top soil. Offering grading services, you will be able to restore or start a new yard project without delay.

Discarding of the Oil Tank

Next Day Demolition participates in recycling efforts. After the Maryland oil tank removal process, if possible, we recycle the steel tank. By engaging in recycling, we do our part in preserving the environment. Our recycling efforts help keep us from filling up local landfills with usable materials.

If you would like to receive further information for Maryland oil tank removal process, please contact us today. Offering free estimates and consultation services, Next Day Demolition is a one stop solution for all of your oil tank removal needs at an affordable price. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations, our highly trained experts provide high-quality service to ensure optimal results. Serving areas include Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Eastern Shore, Bel Air,  Frederick, Bowie, Waldorf, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Aberdeen, and more!