Next Day Demolition provides fast, reliable Germantown, Maryland oil tank removal and disposal services. Whether you’re replacing your existing oil tank with a new one, or you simply want to ensure that oil, unwanted oil tank in your yard doesn’t leak, we’re here to help.

We are fully licensed and insured to remove all types of oil and fuel tanks, including home heating oil tanks, diesel and gasoline tanks, and tanks used to store used motor oil. Our team of skilled, mature disposal experts have advanced training in handling hazardous materials like oil and fuel so you can feel confident hiring us to work at your home or business.

When Should An Oil Tank Be Removed?

Here at Next Day Demolition, we’re often asked, “what are the signs that it’s time to remove my tank?”

It’s a good idea to call a Germantown, Maryland oil tank removal company when:

  • You’re no longer heating your home with oil, and therefore you don’t need an oil tank
  • You’ve purchased a home with an existing oil tank, and you have no idea how old it is (or what condition it’s in)
  • You have fuel tanks on your property that are not being used
  • You’re having trouble keeping your furnace going due to low oil pressure – this can be a ‘warning sign’ that your tank is leaking oil
  • You can smell oil in your backyard and/or basement
  • You’d like to install an inground pool in your backyard, but there’s an old buried oil tank in the way

It’s important to realize that over time, all fuel and oil tanks will eventually fail. While many oil tanks are still in good condition after 25 years of service or more, tanks that are unused tend to deteriorate quickly – this is because condensation builds up in the tank, leading to rust and corrosion.

Even if the top of your tank looks solid, there could be erosion on the underside of the tank that’s impossible to see until the tank is actually removed.

Comprehensive Germantown, Maryland Oil Tank Removal Services

When you need fast, reliable oil and fuel tank removal and disposal, call us here at Next Day Demolition for your free, no-obligation quote on our Germantown, Maryland oil tank removal services. We make removing your old oil and fuel tanks simple and hassle-free.