After a devastating fire, putting your home or commercial property back to pre-loss conditions is critical to moving forward. We at Next Day Demolition provide high-quality forensic fire demolition. Our vast experience allows us to help you navigate through the complex claims process with your insurance company. Helping you pick up the pieces to start the reconstruction process is our optimal goal.

Fast, Efficient Forensic Fire Damage Demolition Assessment

Settling your insurance claim is the first step in the restoration efforts. Inspecting the fire damaged area; your insurance adjuster will be able to diagnosis the cause and amount of damage to the building structure. After the insurance company is satisfied with the findings, the cleanup process begins which is where our team of highly trained professionals goes to work for you.

Cleaning up fire damage is complex. Our forensic fire damage demolition team understands the potential danger associated with cleaning up fire-damaged areas. We carefully inspect and assess the fire damage, check for chemicals or other dangerous materials. Our trained specialists are able to remove asbestos, chemicals, underground fuel tanks, boilers, and more.

Next, our experienced demolition contractor will estimate the price of complete cleanup based on the value of the property, extent of damage and other pertaining conditions. Estimating the damage provides you with an accurate quote to turn into your insurance company.

If needed, we at Next Day Demolition can work with your insurance adjuster or inspector to ensure complete coverage of services. Working with insurance companies in the past, our team is able to meet specific standards.

Next Day Demolition Offers Complete Customer Service

Along with assessing your fire damage for cleanup, Next Day Demolition offers complete customer service. Even after a devastating fire, we understand the importance and value of your personal or commercial property. We will work with you to ensure the safety of your property at each stage of the cleanup process. Starting with securing the area, we offer boarding up services to protect any remaining contents or other undamaged portions of the building structure.

If needed, our team is able to secure the area with temporary fencing and other covering to reduce the risks of liabilities. Securing the area in a professional manner helps eliminate the possibility of further contamination to the surrounding environment. Working to minimize further damage and costs is always a priority for us at Next Day Demolition.

Our High-Quality Fire Damage Removal and Cleanup Services

Next Day Demolition provides reliable, comprehensive forensic fire damage demolition services. Our demolition team is equipped with the best equipment for the job. Implementing proven techniques, we use industrial grade tools, backhoes, and other machinery to get the job done quickly.

Do not worry. Our forensic fire damage demolition specialists follow all safety standards. We never cut corners. Working in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines, we want to ensure the insurance company approves of our cleanup efforts without delays.

Some of past experiences for fire damage removal include:

  • Garage or barn fire damage demolition
  • Residential fire damage demolition
  • Mobile homes or apartment complex fire damage demolition
  • Commercial building fire damage demolition
  • Industrial or factory fire damage demolition
  • Heat damage removal
  • Thermal shock cleanup
  • Chemical damage removal
  • Water damage removal
  • Smoke damage removal for both interior and exterior surfaces

Regardless of the extent of the fire damage, we at Next Day Demolition are ready to engage in fire damage removal and restoration services. We will clean away all of the fire damage and debris from your property. Filling in open areas with gravel and topsoil, we want to provide you with clear, clean, safe area to begin your restoration process.

Our forensic fire damage demolition team will use all of our resources to ensure security and cleanup of your property. We at Next Day Demolition believe in round the clock service. In times of emergency, no property owner wants to wait for restoration to begin. We are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please do not hesitate to contact our forensic fire damage demolition team at Next Day Demolition today. We guarantee a high level of customer service throughout the fire damage removal process.