If you have a derelict building on one of your properties, if you purchased a property for its location, but want to tear down the existing building and replace it with a newer, more modern, possibly larger structure, or if you want to add on to your existing home, then you are going to need a demolition contractor. You might, at first glance, think this could be something you could tackle on your own by renting a few pieces of heavy equipment. However, demolition is a poor choice as a DIY project. You get a lot more than just the equipment when you hire a demolition contractor in Woodbridge, VA.

What you get for your demolition dollars

1. The necessary permits. Virtually every community requires permits before any structure or portion of a structure can be torn down. A reputable demolition firm, such as Next Day Demolition, knows who to contact and included the necessary fees in their quote. This saves you time standing in line at the city building or county courthouse.

2. Experience and expertise. Heavy equipment, such as cranes and front loaders, are not as easy to operate as you might think. Some pieces of equipment require that you have specialized training in order to rent them. When you hire a demolition crew, you put their years of experience behind your project and greatly reduce the changes of things getting out of control.

3. Safe disposal of environmentally-hazardous materials. Even if the building you are having demolished is free from things like asbestos, it likely has a few environmental challenges you may not have considered. For instance, your demolition contractor will need to remove any light bulbs by hand and properly dispose of them before they tear down the building.

4. Recycling. A good demolition contractor will also strip the building of any building materials or scrap material that can be reused or used to raise money that will keep down the cost of your building project. According to the National Demolition Association, as much as 90 percent of building materials in a structure to be torn down can be recycled.

5. Dealing with utility companies. Another service you might not have considered that is included in your demolition package is making sure that the gas, electric and water lines to your home are correctly cut off, so there’s no risk of a leak or sparks on the day the house is torn down.

6. Disposal of scrap material. Even when 90 percent of the building material is recycled, there is still a pile of debris left after a structure has been torn down. Your demolition package also includes a crew hauling this material to the local landfill or otherwise properly disposing of it.

Demolition is actually a bargain when you consider all that is included. To learn more about home demolition services in and around Woodbridge, VA and to get a quote, we invite you to contact Next Day Demolition