Next Day Demolition is a full-service company that specializes in Washington D.C. fire damage demolition. We know that suffering a fire to your home or commercial property is a devastating experience fraught with insurance headaches and reconstruction concerns. Our goal is to enhance your clean-up process in order to help you move forward. We handle both commercial and residential fire damage clean-up and demolition in and around Washington D.C. We work efficiently, handle permits, and charge affordable rates for our experienced service.

Washington D.C. Fire Damage Demolition Experts

Next Day Demolition features experienced crews who prioritize safety. Our crew members are licensed to operate our demolition and excavation equipment while employing best industry practices regarding safety. We bring all equipment needed to demolish and clear debris from your setting. Depending on the nature of the fire damage any structures incurred, we can demolish and remove entire buildings or partial structures.

While we invariably rely on our equipment to tackle major jobs, our crews are also adept at salvage. We typically perform some fire demolition work with our own two hands in order to successfully salvage any items or materials that can be reused. Our crews will also clear away all unwanted debris. As an environmentally responsible company, Next Day Demolition recycles so that as little as possible finds its way to landfills.

Next day demolition offers demolitions services for any types of structures damaged by fire including homes, office buildings, warehouses, garages, barns, industrial sites, and more. We have the know-how to assess properties for hazardous materials. We can also board up and secure the property as we perform all demolition work for your Washington D.C. property.

As a renowned¬†demo firm, we have experience working with insurers, building managers, contractors, architects, government agencies, and property owners to meet our clients’ needs and ready their property for restoration in a timely manner. We have emergency crews on hand to help you deal with the disaster at hand. We can also provide our clients with an upfront quote for all of our demolition and debris removal services.

If you live in or around Washington D.C. and need professional fire demolition service, be sure to contact Next Day Demolition. We can assess your setting to help you determine a clean-up schedule. We can also work with your insurer to provide you with the demolition service you need to begin the fire recovery process.