Next Day Demolition is the premier provider of home demolition services in Virginia. We’re fully licensed, registered, and insured, and we have extensive experience in dealing with all types of residential demolition projects.

We remove old houses, garages, storage sheds, and other unwanted buildings using the safest, most efficient techniques in the industry. We also have the specialized equipment and skills needed to extract old oil tanks, remove swimming pools, and complete partial Virginia residential demolition projects.

Fast, Full-Service Residential Demolition In Virginia

When you hire us to complete your demolition job you won’t have to worry about dealing with a big mess on your property for days or weeks on end. We always bring along the right equipment and enough experienced demolition contractors to complete each project quickly, In most cases, we can have the job done in as little as a single day.

And because we know hiring multiple contractors can lead to costly delays, increased risks, and added stress, we take care of all the insurance, permits, and site clean-up as well. Our goal is to leave your property safe and ready for you to use right away.

Dealing With Fire Damage? Call Us

If your home has been damaged by a fire, we’re here to help.

Our team of residential demo experts understands the devastating impact a fire can have on you and your family. While we can’t reverse the damage that’s been done to your home, we are committed to doing everything we can to help you recover as quickly as possible.

We work closely with local building inspectors, fire investigators, and your insurance company to gain access to your fire-damaged home right away. The sooner you call us, the better because in most cases your existing insurance coverage will not protect you against any liability claims that arise from accidents or injuries after there’s been a fire in your home.

Worried About Asbestos?

If you’re concerned that there could be asbestos in your unwanted home, garage, or shed, call us here at Next Day Demolition.

Unlike many other contractors that outsource asbestos abatement work, our team of specialists has the specialized training, equipment, and licensing required to identify and remove asbestos in a way that is safe, legal, and affordable.

We maintain a Limited Class ‘B’ Asbestos Removal license and asbestos liability insurance, and we are fully approved to remove and transport building materials that are known to contain asbestos.

Don’t put off dealing with your demolition project simply because you’re concerned there could be added costs and delays due to asbestos – contact us to learn how we make dealing with unwanted, asbestos-contaminated homes, garages, and sheds easier than you might expect.

Contact Us For Your Free Next-Day Virginia Home Demolition Estimate

To learn more about how Next Day Demolition can make your unwanted, condemned, or fire-damaged house, garage, or shed disappear, call us or complete our online contact form to request your free, no-obligation quote.