Fully licensed and certified, Next Day Demolition is a leading source for premium Virginia asbestos abatement services and mold removal. Our extensive knowledge and proving experience allow us to effectively remove environmental hazardous from your residential, commercial, industrial or governmental structures.

Specializing in High-Quality Asbestos Abatement Services in Virginia

Asbestos fibers create numerous hazardous and life threatening conditions including lung cancer. Engaging in professional removal services is vital for a clean, healthier indoor atmosphere. Employing prompt, professional and highly skilled, our Virginia asbestos abatement team uses state of the art equipment. Our Next Day Demolition specialists comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations for safe mold removal and asbestos abatement services.

  • Complete Asbestos Removal: Our Next Day Demolition experts will remove all aspects of the dangerous asbestos from your building structure.
  • Encapsulation Process: Our contractors will seal the hazardous material to ensure a safe environment. The encapsulation process is only temporary. You will need to follow up the procedure with completely removing the asbestos.
  • Enclosure Process: Along with encapsulation, the enclosure process is also a temporary solution. An airtight structure will enclose your home or commercial building until you are able to engage in complete asbestos removal.
  • Mold Removal: Effecting the indoor air quality, mold growth is another hazardous condition. Our Next Day Demolition skilled technicians will inspect your structure to determine the best course of action for mold remediation. Depending on the degree of mold growth, our team will remove, clean, sanitize and add preventives to keep mold from returning. In extreme cases, the only option may be the complete demolition of the structure.

If you would like more information on our premium mold removal or asbestos abatement services, please contact us today. We provide expert consultation and free estimates. Our highly trained, Next Day Demolition team will efficiently remove all dangerous materials from your home or commercial building. Providing you with optimal results is our main goal.