Most of mankind’s structures are designed and built to last a lifetime, but there is also a time and a place for professional demolition services. When you need fast, professional emergency demolition in Tampa, Next Day Demolition is the company you can turn to for a job done well, and done safely. Our service covers a variety of emergency circumstances, from fire and water damage to structural issues stemming from severe weather and natural disasters.

When Natural Disasters Hit, Strike Back

One of the most common reasons for Tampa, Florida emergency demolition services are natural disasters. Whether it is the inundating rains and flooding caused by a tropical depression or tropical storm, or the truly devastating impact of a hurricane making landfall, Next Day Demolition is here to help out the residents of Tampa.

Tropical storms are a fact of life on the Gulf Coast of Florida, which makes natural disaster emergency demolitions a common need. Even a tropical depression or tropical storm with heavy rainfalls can lead to damage in your residence or place of business. Storm surges and flooded roads can sent inches, if not feet, of water streaming into buildings. Some buildings become so damaged and infested with mold that an emergency demolition is required to remove the health hazard and allow for future rebuilding.

Of course, hurricanes are another source of damage in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. With gale force winds, heavy rain, and flying debris, hurricanes can rip off roofs, slam trees and vehicles into buildings, and generally cause severe structural damage to homes and businesses. Next Day Demolition is ready to help with fast, professional emergency demolition in Tampa.

Removing the Dangers Posed by Structural Damage

It doesn’t take a tropical storm or hurricane to make Tampa, Florida emergency demolition services necessary. For the older neighborhoods of the region, dilapidated homes pose a risk to the public at large, as well as the property owner. Next Day Demolition can provide safe, professional emergency demolition to properly bring down a structurally damaged building quickly.

Sometimes age isn’t the only reason that homes or commercial buildings need to come down. Fire and water damage can lead to structural damage that renders a home or business uninhabitable. At this point, again for the safety of the public, emergency demolition service is required to remove the building before it collapses on itself.

Licensed and Insured Emergency Demolition in Tampa

Whether you own a home that’s suffered serious damage from fire, water, or natural disaster, or you’re a commercial developer looking to erase blight and build a beautiful new structure, Next Day Demolition offers Tampa, Florida emergency demolition services to get the job done quickly and advance your project.

The demolition experts at Next Day Demolition are full licensed contractures, and we’re covered under Public Liability and Product Liability insurance. Our company employs two certified Asbestos supervisors to ensure all emergency demolitions are completed with safety in mind. We also have Limited Class “B” Asbestos Removal Licensure to ensure hazardous waste, when encountered, is handled and removed safely from the job site.

If you need Tampa, Florida emergency demolition services, please contact Next Day Demolition for assistance in carrying out your demo project.