When the time comes to tear down most structures, weeks or months of planning are required to ensure that the project is completed with the public’s safety in mind and the integrity of nearby buildings. From time to time though, severe damage stemming from fires, flooding, and natural disasters can lead to the need for emergency demolition in St. Petersburg. When a building needs to come down quickly and professionally, trust the team at Next Day Demolition.

Water Damage Demolition

A common issue up and down the Gulf Coast of Florida is water damage. Whether it’s days of endless rains or a storm surge from tropical depressions, storms, or hurricanes, Next Day Demolition can help you get your home or business in shape. Water damage to structures can lead to mold infestations, requiring interior demolition. In severe cases, when water damage undermines the structural integrity of a building we offer St. Petersburg emergency demolition services to tear down structures quickly and safely.

Fire Damage Demolition

Most homes don’t have fire suppression systems, meaning a small fire can lead to severe structural damage. Even buildings with fire suppression systems can survive the blaze, but the water damage that results leaves the structure unusable. Next Day Demolition offers emergency demolition in St. Petersburg to help solve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Natural Disaster Demolition

Tropical disturbances are a fact of life in and around St. Petersburg. Whether you’re roof collapsed under the weight of heavy rains, caved in as a result of hurricane damage, or your home suffered severe structural damage as a result of high winds, Next Day Demolition’s St. Petersburg emergency demolition services can remove the remaining structure in a safe, professional manner to keep the you, your family, and the public at large safe from weakened structures.

Accurate, Professional Emergency Demolition in St. Petersburg

Next Day Demolition has the equipment to tackle any emergency demolition job, and the experience and knowledge required to ensure all work is done within the confines of local regulations and codes.

All of our St. Petersburg emergency demolition services are completed by professionals that are licensed and insured. Our capacity extends beyond simple demolition too. We employ Asbestos supervisors with Limited Class “B” Asbestos Removal Licenses to oversee any jobs involving this health hazard, and if your job is big enough to require traffic diversion, we can handle that too. We supply a licensed traffic control officers to protect property owners against claims related to traffic safety issues stemming from emergency demolition in St. Petersburg.

If you have a structure that has suffered fire, water, natural disaster, or general structural damage, Next Day Demolition offers emergency demolition in St. Petersburg to get the job done.