Has fire forced you out of your home? Do you wish you could return to your home and your life? Contact the professional staff at New Day Demolition and let us show you how you can get your life back on track with expert fire damage demolition.

It’s What We Do

We specialize in fire damage demolition. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure you are getting the services you need and help you maneuver the process with your insurance company to reduce the stress on you and your family. Our experienced crew is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you know you are in secure hands. Even if you do not want to rebuild your home, we can provide fire damage demolition to protect you and your family against accidents and financial liability.

What To Expect From Next Day Demolition

Free Inspection and Estimate: After you contact us we will come to your home and inspect the fire-damaged areas and also the areas not effected by fire but damaged by smoke. Smoke damage can lead to further damage and awful odor issues throughout your home. We will properly assess the damage and inform you of any options available. We will provide you with a free estimate for fire damage demolition for your home and work with your insurance company to ensure you are properly covered.

Permits: We will obtain all permits needed for your fire damage demolition process. We specialize in fire damage demolition and are very knowledgeable about the permits needed in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Utility Disconnection: Often, your utilities may have to be turned off by the utility company. We will take care of having any necessary utilities disconnected for your fire damage demolition, to ensure a safe working environment.

Demolition Process: We will take all needed safety precautions to protect your site against any unnecessary damage during fire damage demolition. We can provide partial or complete fire damage demolition, depending on your needs.

Clean-up and Grading: We will remove all debris from your fire damage demolition and recycle what we can, to reduce the impact on the environment. We will even provide grading and landscaping services, if needed, to get your property back to its previous beauty.

Contact Next Day Demolition today for your free estimate. Our team in Silver Spring, Maryland are ready to handle your fire damage demolition needs.