Are you overwhelmed by the damage fire has done to your home? Do you wish someone could come in and take care of the fire damage demolition needed to begin restoration? Contact Next Day Demolition in Rockville, Maryland and let us help solve your fire damage demolition worries.

Why Do I Need Professional Fire Damage Demolition?

If you want to return your home to its former beauty, first you need to remove all fire and smoke damage from your house before you can begin to rebuild. Even if you have no plans to rebuild, a fire-damaged home is a huge liability for a homeowner. The experts at Next Day Demolition provide partial or complete fire damage demolition in Rockville, Maryland at an affordable price. Our staff is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you are completely protected. We will work with your insurance company to ensure that you are getting the best possible demolition service. We can provide emergency boarding of doors and windows, if needed, to protect your property before fire damage demolition begins.

What Happens When I Contact Next Day Demolition?

Free Inspection and Estimate: When you contact us we will come to your home and inspect the areas damaged by fire and other areas, untouched by fire but damaged by smoke penetration. Smoke damage can cause further damage in the future and cause a foul odor throughout your home. We will assess all damage and give you an cost estimate for our services. Our fire damage demolition process will be completely planned before work begins, so you will know what we are doing along the way.

Permits: When you contact Next Day Demolition, you can wave goodbye to the hassle of finding out what permits you need and getting them. We will obtain any necessary permits for your fire damage demolition job.

Utility Disconnect: We will have all necessary utilities disconnected during your fire damage demolition, ensuring a safe work site.

Demolition: Our professionals will take all safety precautions to protect your property from unwanted damage.

Clean-up and Grading: When we finish your fire damage demolition, we will remove all debris from your property, recycling what we can. This minimizes our impact on the environment, promoting a healthier world for us all. We will even provide grading and landscaping, if needed, to improve the look of your property.

Call us today at Next Day Demolition for your free estimate and let them take care of your fire damage demolition worries.