Home oil tank removal in Montgomery County, Maryland can usually be removed for you at a reasonable cost. If you have noticed that the fuel tank has leaked out on you, there is usually going to be an added cost and complexity but this is definitely not something we at Next Day Demolition can and will handle for you. In order for you to get the job done right the very first time, it is very important that you hire an experienced oil tank removal contractor in Montgomery County, Maryland, such as Next Day Demolition.

Underground Oil Tank Removal Process in Montgomery County, Maryland

The process for underground oil tank removal in Montgomery County, Maryland is going to be somewhat more than just having someone dig up a hole and pull the oil tank out of the ground for you. It may sound easy but there is a lot more to it, especially when you want to do it the correct way per federal/state standards and according to the best of safety standards. The contractor, such as Next Day Demolition in Montgomery County, Maryland is first going to have to the access whether or not the oil tank is completely empty and if it is leaking or not. In order to complete this step, a piece of equipment called the ground penetrating radar (GPR) is going to be used. The GPR will then take samples of soil on your property around the oil tank and we will then be able to tell if the oil tank is or has been leaking or not.

Once we complete the preliminary testing process, the fuel tank may then have to be professionally cleaned in order to remove all of the residual oil that is in it. An excavator will then be used in order to carefully remove earth that is above the oil tank. You can rest assured that great care is going to be used by Next Day Demolition in order to prevent piercing the skin of the oil tank. Once the underground fuel tank is removed, the steel tank can usually be recycled, which is even a bigger plus for the environment.

If we do find that oil has contaminated the soil, further procedures will need to be performed in order to make sure that food and water sources have not been contaminated. This can be an expensive and time-consuming process but you can rest assured that we will safely take care of the oil tank removal in Montgomery County, Maryland for you.  Serving Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, Germantown, Gaithesrsburg, Derwood, Olney, Brookeville, Laytonsville, Kensington , John Cabin, Colesville, Aspen Hill, Wheaton, Montgomery Village, Potomac and more!