Are you concerned about the potential hazards of an unused underground storage tank on your commercial or private property? As you put your property on the market, are you concerned the fuel or oil tank will lower the resale value? Next Day Demolition offers reliable McKinney, Texas oil tank removal at an affordable price.

Our High-Quality McKinney Tank Removal Services

Our Next Day Demolition team approaches every tank removal process differently. Fuel tanks, oil tanks and other types of underground storage tanks come in numerous sizes. Along with the condition of the tank, the size will determine the best approach for removal.

  • Permits: Following local, state and federal guidelines, we obtain necessary permits for the McKinney, Texas tank removal process.
  • Remove the Contents: If needed, we remove any remaining contents from the tank. The process allows us to remove the tank in a safe, effective manner.
  • Excavation and Removal: Our specialists begin to remove the soil from around the tank area. At this point, we want a clearer view of the tank. If needed, we disconnect any remaining lines or dispensers. Next, we remove the tank.
  • Contaminated Soil: If the tank shows signs of leaking, we implement soil remediation. Following all state and federal regulations, the cleaning process ensures you are left with a safe, hazard-free area.
  • Recycling: If possible, we recycle the tank. Our recycling efforts enable us to save money. We are happy to pass our savings on to our valuable customers. Recycling usable materials also keep us from taking up space in local landfills. When a tank cannot be recycled, we engage in proper disposal methods.
  • Cleanup: Our tank removal finalizes the process by filling in any remaining spaces with gravel and topsoil.

Old, outdated underground storage tanks create a potential environmental risk to your property. We at Next Day Demolition want to ensure your property is clean and clear for maximum use.

If you have any questions regarding our high-quality oil tank removal service, please contact us today. Offering a free, no-obligation estimate to our potential customer, Next Day Demolition would like to discuss how we can help you with any of underground storage tank removal needs.