A fire is devastating and can leave you feeling vulnerable. The damage left behind can be very difficult to deal with and you might wonder how you’re going to take care of the fire damage and get your life back. This is where Next Day Demolition can help. We provide fire damage demolition services in Irving, Texas, and can restore a property so that it is safe and useable. Although dealing with the aftermath of a fire is unpleasant, you are probably contractually obligated to correct the damage caused by the fire by tearing down any damaged structures that are posing a threat to other buildings or are a safety hazard.

Next Day Demolition provides superior burned down property demolition services. Whether your fire-damaged property is commercial or residential property, Next Day Demolition can take care of the damage. We have heavy equipment on hand that we use to demolish large structures damaged by fire. When we get on the scene of a fire damage demolition project, you can expect to see backhoes, bulldozers and excavating equipment. Our dedicated professionals will also perform some of the demolition by hand, if necessary. We may need to do this if a smaller area has been damaged, but surrounding areas escaped damage.

We know that a fire causes emotional distress, confusion and many other emotions. We make our customers a priority and clean up the site after the demolition. We provide a dump truck and hauling trailer for the clean up and hauling away of debris. Next Day Demolition also cares about the environment. We believe in waste disposal that is environmentally responsible, so if you are someone who cares about the planet, then you will appreciate this aspect of our services.

The professionals at Next Day Demolition have worked on a variety of demolition projects including:

  • Barn demolition
  • Commercial demolition
  • Residential demolition
  • Garage demolition

There is no fire damage demolition project that we won’t take on. We’ve dealt with all types of projects, big and small. If you own a structure that has received fire damage, don’t wait until someone is injured or more damage occurs. Call us so that we can assess your property and provide you with a plan of action. We will keep you fully engaged throughout the project and make sure you understand what is happening. Our goal is to take care of all your fire damage demolition needs in Irving and restore your property.