Do you have an old barn located towards the back of your property that has seen better days? Or a non-functional garage that you haven’t used in years? If you can answer yes to either of these questions then it is time to give Next Day Demolition of Highland Village, Texas a call. We are made up of a group of highly trained and experienced demolition contractors in Highland Village, Texas who are ready to come out to your property and remove any old and/or dilapidated structures. In addition, we can help with a variety of other demolition tasks ranging from pool excavation to fire damage demo to land clearance.

What Do Demolition Services Do We Perform?

Our team is able to perform a variety of tasks that range from land clearance to the removal of old sheds. We commonly are asked to remove old sheds, garages, barns, and excavate pools by residential clients. Our commercial clients frequently ask for help with land clearance, site preparation, grading, and removal of old building structures. Our highly trained staff is able to complete a variety of tasks and we are certified, trained, and licensed in various areas to ensure that Next Day Demolition can handle any job regardless of scope.

How Much Does Demolition in Highland Village Cost?

There are a number of factors that can affect how much a demolition project costs, which is why Next Day Demolition offers all of its customers a free estimate before any work starts. The cost of your demolition job will depend on the scope of the job, the size of the structure or land in question, the immediacy, if heavy machinery will be needed, the amount of labor required, and the time commitment. We consider all of these factors and offer you a comprehensive no-obligation estimate so that you never are surprised at the completion of the job.

How Long will Demolition Take?

We strive to live up to our name and offer our customers a free estimate within a day or two of receiving your phone call. Most demolition projects can be completed in a very timely basis. Everyone has something to gain when projects are completed quickly and efficiently. As part of your free estimate, we will give you a time estimate so you know what to expect. Call Next Day Demolition today to get started with your free quote.