Are you currently in the market to hire Glen Burnie, Maryland demolition contractors for your industrial, commercial, residential, or government demolition needs? Offering a wide variety of services, Next Day Demolition provides high-quality workmanship in a timely manner to meet set deadlines and goals.

Why Hire Next Day Demolition?

When looking for demolition contractors in Glen Burnie, our reputation often precedes us. Next Day Demolition wants to build a long lasting relationship with construction companies based our commitment for quality work. Beginning with strategic plans, we follow all safety protocols to offer high-quality workmanship on each job site.

Our team uses specialized top of the line equipment to produce maximum results in an efficient time frame. Depending on the job requirements, our services may include the use of excavators, cranes, wrecking balls, track loaders, dump trucks, hydraulic hammers and more. Our main goal is to provide you with expert Glen Burnie, Maryland demolition contractors to effectively finish the job.

Types of Demolition Services

Next Day Demolition offers a broad range of services to meet all your unique demolition needs. Our highly experienced, Glen Burnie, Maryland demolition contractors will meet each demolition site need with professionalism.

  • Swimming Pool Removal: Removing a swimming pool may decrease your insurance premiums by reducing liabilities, eliminate maintenance fees, and provide valuable space for your new backyard design plans. Our expert team provides efficient full or partial swimming pool removal. We will restore the area by filling in the empty space with dirt to provide you with a clean site to begin your next project.
  • Building Demolition: We are able to safely demolish various types of building structures, including full residential homes, guest houses, mobile homes, barns, garages or other building types which may be impeding your project’s process.
  • Interior Demolition or Strip Outs: Home remodels or renovations may require the use of expert demolition contractors in Glen Burnie area. We are willing to tackle any size of interior demolition, including kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, ceiling and floor removal or a complete strip out of all interior material.
  • Driveway Removal: We are able to provide efficient removal of asphalt or concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other concrete surfaces. Our team can completely clear the area for your new drive, sidewalk or landscaping project.
  • Mechanical System Removal: Our efficiently trained team has knowledge for proper removal of storage tanks, boiler systems, and other forms of mechanical systems from homes, warehouses, commercial buildings and other structures.
  • Emergency Clean Up Services: Natural disasters, including severe storms, flooding or high winds often leave a destruction path. Our Glen Burnie Maryland demolition contractors can help restore areas. We can efficiently and safely remove debris, uprooted trees, unstable building structures and other potentially dangerous hazards.

Our Environmental Efforts

Our Glen Burnie, Maryland demolition contractors work to protect and preserve the environment with each job type. We take pride in our recycling efforts. During the cleanup service, our team removes any type of recyclable material. Our conscious effort allows for the reduction of filling up local land fills with usable materials.

If you would like more information on our top of the line demolition services or our environmental efforts, please contact us today. Next Day Demolition provides potential clients with free estimates. We are willing to work with you to provide outstanding demolition results for your current and future projects. Also serving Pumphrey, Linthicum, Ferndale, Brooklyn Park, Patapsco and more!