The damage caused by fire to your home or business can be devastating. Areas that receive fire damage need to be torn down so that repairs can begin and you can rebuild the affected area. When you see the damage that a fire can do, you will probably feel overwhelmed. That’s where Next Day Demolition comes in to save the day and your sanity. Our team will provide you with the best Fairfax County, Virginia fire damage demolition services for your residential or commercial property.

We use heavy excavation and demolition equipment, including backhoes, excavators and dozers, to completely demolish structures that have suffered substantial fire damage. Our fire damage demolition team will tear down damaged areas by hand so that surrounding structures are unaffected. We also try to salvage materials that you may be able to use.

Once the structure has been demolished, Next Day Demolition will take care of the clean-up. As part of every Fairfax County fire damage demolition job that we take on, we provide a dump truck and trailer for hauling away debris from the site. Our methods for clean-up and debris removal are environmentally responsible. If we see that the foundation was unaffected by fire damage and can be used again, we leave it intact, while cleaning up around the perimeter of the foundation and clean up any debris that has fallen down inside. We will also backfill any hole that is left from the demolition.

Next Day Demolition provides the fast and efficient fire damage demolition services. We will visit your residential or commercial property to assess the damage. We will evaluate hazardous materials and help salvage your personal belongings. Unfortunately, a fire can break out at any time and leave significant damage. For this very reason, Next Day Demolition provides emergency services. We know you want to restore your property to normal as quickly as possible which is why we work with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, building managers and other contractors to complete the demolition and clean-up required.

Next Day Demolition is one phone call away whenever you need us. We can take on large projects as well as small jobs. The well-being and satisfaction of each and every customer is something we take seriously. We strive to provide Fairfax Virginia fire damage demolition services which are superior. Next Day Demolition uses an interactive approach to complete every job, keeping you informed all the way through the process. We hope you never suffer fire damage, but if you do, we will be right there to help you.