As a demolition expert for many years, our entire company can say that we’ve “seen it all” and still be able to tell stories around the lunch table that would surprise the rest of the team. Buildings, almost like the human body, are complex constructions that require many parts supporting other parts and systems. Also like the human body, some buildings are literally alive on the inside. Demolition technicians must plan like architects and operate like surgeons to make sure that the building, or parts of it, get torn down and extracted without having things crumble that aren’t supposed to. Whether we are trying to protect the rooms surrounding the demolished kitchen in a home or the schoolyard next to the entire building demolition we are performing, the pressure is always on to make a dirty job as clean-cut as possible.

Providing Demolition Services to the Westminster – Eldersburg Community

That’s just one aspect of our job that, while it comes naturally to us, seems to surprise people. That’s what inspired this list of things we think you—the client or the curious outsider—should know about the demolition industry. Some of these points may come in handy when searching for a company or contractor to take the job, and others might change your perspective on this awesomely dirty job.

  1. It’s totally awesome! What looks dirty to you is actually heaven to us. Demolition is the fastest and most satisfying part of the construction process. OK, maybe it comes in second to putting the absolute final touch on a fully reno’d home.
  2. The timeline works a little backward. It only takes about a day or two to fully demolish and remove a home from its place. However, if you’re looking to do a large remodel where a lot of the building is staying intact then it takes about a week to maneuver all of the old material out—especially older buildings were corridors weren’t designed for this.
  3. We make it look easy. To our detriment, we make our job look way easier and faster than it should. That is, we smash, tear and grab everything we need to and dispose of it very efficiently. So much so that we lose business because weekend handymen think that they can carry off the kind of job we do. They tack on a little extra time to make up for the lack of manpower, but they never come close to the results. In fact, what we lose in business we end up regaining when homeowners call us to deal with the asbestos that Mr. Weekender uncovered (dangerously) while performing his amateur demolition job.
  4. Demolition time a great time to meet your neighbors. Are you new to the neighborhood or have you been neglecting your “good neighbor” duties? Now’s the time to make it up. You’re going to have to knock on some doors and give the old “heads up” about the demolition work, so why not bring over a bottle of wine and connect with them over the necessary (and brief) annoyance of demolition. Good Westminster area neighbors will understand and see the value that a little demolition and renovation will add to the home prices. Maybe you’ll even inspire them to get started on their own renovation projects.

When you’re ready to have a part, or all, of your home, demolished to ready it for your own project, you know who to call. Next Day Demolition of Carroll County will give you a free consultation, a free no-obligation quote, and the fastest service you’ve ever seen.  Serving Westminster, Hampstead, Manchester, Mt Airy, Woodbine, Eldersburg, Sykesville and more!