Paying close attention to every detail is a necessary component to demolition services. Next Day Demolition possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience allow for accurate, efficient demolition services. We want to meet the high expectations of your current construction project. Our Essex-Dundalk, Maryland demolition team uses only industrial grade hydraulic equipment, cranes and other necessary site clearing tools. Achieving the highest level of satisfaction for site demolition, excavating and other related services is our goal.

Next Day Demolition begins with a consultation to properly understand the needs of the construction company project. By meeting with you, our crew of demolition contractors can go over every detail of the project plan. Our fully insured and licensed team will discuss the appropriate equipment for the job and implement a timeline for completion.

Working in an efficient manner, we always abide by safety protocols to meet your deadline. Next Day Demolition  will never cut corners to save time. Our commitment to safety and quality will always be our first priority. We want to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction for your current and future construction project needs.

Our Highly Rated Essex & Dundalk, Maryland Demolition Contractors’ Services

Next Day Demolition recognizes every construction site has different needs for demolition and excavating services. Our highly trained demolition contractors in Dundalk & Essex, Maryland provide a full range of services to meet these needs.

  • Exterior demolition, including warehouses, malls, industrial buildings, vacant homes and more
  • Interior demolition and strip-outs
  • Complete site clearing to ensure a safe, clean area for construction
  • Full excavating services including trenching
  • Pool removal with backfill options
  • Concrete and asphalt removal
  • Foundation and concrete slab removal
  • Emergency and disaster cleanup
  • Mechanical demolition and removal of boilers, storage tanks, and furnace systems
  • Elevator removal

Regardless of the size of demolition or excavating services needed, our Next Day Demolition team provides premium results. Providing high standards of workmanship every time enhances our reputation for premium services at affordable prices. Our team of demolition contractors strive to meet and exceed customer satisfaction on each job site.

Along with high-quality demolition and excavating services, Next Day Demolition has a strong commitment to preserving the environment. We want to do our part. We encourage our customers to engage in environmentally friendly practices. Our Dundalk, Maryland demolition contractors carefully evaluate all materials during the demolition and excavating process. The practice allows us to recycle any usable materials including wood, steel, concrete cooper, and more. Our recycling efforts keep reusable materials out of local landfills. At the same time, recycling is a cost effective method for reducing waste.

If you have any questions regarding our consultation and high-quality Dundalk, Maryland demolition contractors’ services, please contact us today. Offering safe, prompt, professional services, Next Day Demolition wants to help you achieve all your construction project needs. We always provide free estimates of our competitive prices to configure into your current construction budget.  Serving Essex, Edgemere, Sparrows Point, Chase, Middle River, Dundalk, and more!