A house fire destroys more than the structure, it destroys your family’s peace of mind. Get both back quickly with Next Day Demolition in Bethesda, Maryland. The experienced professionals at Next Day Demolition can get your home ready for restoration and help you get your life back on track.

What If I Don’t Want To Rebuild?

Even if you choose not to rebuild your home after a fire, you are still responsible for the property you own. Fire-damaged homes are a huge safety hazard for you and others. If someone gets hurt, the homeowner is liable. The only way to ensure that you are not at risk is to have all or part of the fire-damaged structure demolished. We work with your insurance company to make sure your needs are covered during fire damage demolition.

Why Contact Next Day Demolition?

Unlike some others, our expert team specializes in fire damage demolition. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and will work with your insurance company to make sure you get the best solution possible to your problem. Next Day Demolition lets you relax, knowing you are in capable hands.

What Happens After I Contact Next Day Demolition?

Free Estimate: Our fire damage demolition experts will visit your home and give you a free inspection and assessment of the damaged area and other areas, not damaged by fire but penetrated with smoke. This can lead to further damage and cause a terrible odor throughout your home. We will then offer you a thorough assessment for fire damage demolition. Our demolition process is well-planned, so you will know what’s going to happen before it happens.

Permits: The professionals at Next Day Demolition will obtain any needed permits for your fire damage demolition process, so you don’t have to worry about what is needed or risk violation.

Utilities: We will take care of having any necessary utilities disconnected for safe fire damage demolition.

Demolition Process: We will take all necessary safety precautions to protect your property from unwanted harm. Our experienced crew can demolish all or part of your home, as needed, to get it ready for reconstruction.

Debris Removal: We will remove all debris from your fire damage demolition. We haul anything that can be recycled to a recycling facility in an effort to lessen the impact on the environment. If needed, we will provide grading and landscaping to bring the appeal back to your property.

Contact the professionals at Next Day Demolition in Bethesda, Maryland today for a hassle-free solution your fire damage demolition needs.