Are you currently a contractor participating in the $16 million Maryland demolition grants for local community projects? Our Next Day Demolition experts are available to offer our high quality Baltimore row home demolition and other vacant home demolition services. Providing a high level of demolition amenities, we are equipped to handle all sizes of Baltimore vacant home demolition projects. Offering a wide range of services, Next Day Demolition will work with you to fulfill your grant contract to allow you to proceed with your community restoration project.

Our Baltimore City Vacant Homes Tear Downs Services

Our Next Day Demolition experts realize each grant project is different with unique needs for safe completion. Our team will work with you each step of the way to develop a strategic plan to effectively meet your demolition needs. For example, we fully understand the need to revitalize neighborhoods to provide efficient, affordable housing. We also recognize the need to expand a local park or convert a historic office to fulfill the terms of the grant contract.

If you are participating in Baltimore row home demolition or other project needs, our qualified, highly trained team is ready to provide outstanding services.

  • Building Demolition: Regardless of size, we can safely demolish vacant homes, row homes, mobile homes, vacant warehouses, old buildings, malls, industrial work areas or other structures to allow for site preparation for a new community or neighborhood grant project. Our expert demolition team will provide the best possible demolition strategy to effectively remove the structure in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Interior Strip Outs: Our team can provide complete interior demolition for complete renovation or remodeling efforts. Our services include the removal of outdated mechanical systems, walls, ceilings, floors, and more to allow for the complete interior renewal. Our team will protect any area not part of the demolition process to preserve the structure’s integrity.
  • Excavating Services: Our excavating services allow for complete site clearing and preparation to begin a new project. We carefully remove all debris, junk and other natural buildups from the project site area to provide you with clear, clean and safe working environment. Even if the vacant area has been left unutilized for a long period of time, our experienced team will provide a site prepping solution for a clear work site.
  • Asphalt and Concrete Removal: By offering complete asphalt and concrete removal, our team can effectively clear a site for your project. We are fully aware broken asphalt or concrete creates a safety risk to construction plans. Removing the debris allows you to proceed without worry.

Our highly effective demolition services are available for your Baltimore city vacant row home needs.. Participating in a wide variety of projects provides our team with valuable experience. We are able to use the expertise to offer you effective demolition and site prepping solutions for your community project.

Our fully insured and licensed team is available to provide you with a free estimate of our services. Next Day Demolition experts will come to your site to fully understand your specific Baltimore row home demolition or other demolition needs. Please contact us today for more information on our expert demolition services, we are here to offer you an effective solution for your new grant project.