One of the less glamorous, but no less essential, parts of most remodeling projects and many construction projects is tearing down what is already there, so you can add on to your home or replace your structure with a newer home that better suits your family’s size and its needs. That means hiring a demolition crew. However, while the professional demolition team will handle many of the important tasks associated with the tear-down, such as getting the necessary permit and hauling away the debris after demolition, there are a number things that homeowners (and business owners) can do to get ready for demolition day.

What to do to prepare for demolition day

1. Find another place to live (or work) temporarily. While you may think that you can just “tough it out” and stay in your home while a portion is being demolished, this is rarely a good idea. While, of course, you won’t want to be in the structure during the actual demolition (for safety reasons), even living with the aftermath can be dirty, dusty and even aggravate chronic breathing conditions. Better to decamp to a hotel or a friend’s house for the a few days during the demolition and the clean up.

2. Recycle, reuse or resell building materials. Up to 90 percent of building materials can be recycled or reused for other projects. Some, such as leaded glass windows and class mouldings, can even be resold to other homeowners looking for those impossible-to-buy vintage details. While your demolition contractor will handle taking metals and plastics to the applicable recycling locations, you can remove some parts of your old building to use in the new or donate items like doors and windows to a charity, such as Habitat for Humanity.

3. Check with your insurer. Any reputable demolition contractor will be licensed, bonded and insured against accidents or the rare chance that something would go awry during the demolition. However, most homeowner’s insurance policies require that you advise the company of any change in the home’s circumstances. Demolishing a portion of the home, even temporarily, would certainly fall into this category. Don’t risk invalidating your homeowners insurance by skipping this step.

5. Talk to your neighbors. Unless you live on a huge, multi-acre property, your demolition project is going to affect your neighbors’ lives briefly as well as your own. Keep relations cordial with the neighbors by giving them as much advance notice as you can before the backhoes start to arrive.

The right professional demolition specialist in Asburn Virginia

Of course, the most important aspect of a successful demolition project is choosing the right contractor. Next Day Demolition has been helping Virginia and Maryland residents like you with their demolition needs for more than a decade. No job is too large or too small for us to handle carefully, quickly and professionally. To learn more about getting read for your demolition day and to get a quote on a demolition project, contact us today