Do you have an underground oil or fuel tank on your property? Are you afraid of the environmental impact? Underground storage tanks may degrade over a long period of time. A leaking tank leaves property owners at risk. Removing the tank from your Annapolis, Maryland property will help eliminate potentially hazardous conditions.

The process of removing oil tanks, fuel tanks and other forms of underground storage tanks from commercial or residential properties is complex. The process requires highly skilled professionals. Fully licensed and insured, Next Day Demolition is a leading source for Annapolis, Maryland oil tank removal services.

Learning More about Your Oil or Fuel Tank Removal Needs

Due to varying factors, every storage tank removal process is different. Our experts carefully evaluate your situation to ensure the best course of action for your gas – oil tank removal. Throughout the tank removal process, we carefully follow all local, state and federal guidelines.

Prior to beginning the tank removal process, our team will need to know specifics about your oil or fuel tank.

  • Is the tank above or below ground?
  • How big is the tank?
  • What is the condition of the tank?
  • Is there any form of remaining contents in the tank?
  • Is the tank leaking?
  • Is the soil around the tank in need of remediation due to potential contamination?
  • How close is the tank to underground pipes or utility hookups?

Next Day Demolition uses state of the art ground penetrating radar and samples of the surrounding soil to effectively answer all the questions. Every question provides us with a better insight on how to handle your tank removal situation.

Our High-Quality Annapolis, Maryland Oil and Fuel Tank Removal Services

After a complete assessment of your situation, our specialists are ready to begin the process of removing your underground storage tank. Removing any remaining contents is the first step. We do not want the tank to crack or leak in the removal process.

During the excavating process, our team engages in precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your property and the surrounding area. For efficient tank removal, we equip our employees with the best tools and machinery to provide a high level of customer service. Our oil tank removal experts use experience, knowledge and tested techniques to safely remove the tank with minimal impact.

After removing the oil or fuel tank, we engage in proper disposal methods. We want to do our part for the environment. If possible, Next Day Demolition attempts to recycle the tank.

Depending on the results of the soil sample, we may need to engage in soil remediation. Protecting groundwater and the environment, the process allows us to remove contaminants from the soil.

If you would like to learn more about our Annapolis, Maryland oil tank removal services, please contact us. All of our employees are prompt, professional and courteous. Offering free estimates, Next Day Demolition works in a timely manner to eliminate potential risks associated with underground storage tanks.